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Our mission is to foster the development of healthy, vibrant, equitable, prosperous, and sustainable cities. We know it’s a lot take on, but luckily we are not alone. Our focus is on getting the voices to the table and creating interdisciplinary innovation forums to explore collaboration opportunities, research projects, and revitalization programs for public and private open spaces. The way we go about our mission is by:

  • Working with public officials to simplify the process for conducting research, doing business, and/or hosting events in public spaces.
  • Forming partnerships with parks, schools, community groups, scientists, and designers for knowledge sharing and community innovation forums
  • Providing educational programs and case studies
  • Facilitating Innovation, Design, and/or Planning sessions
  • Working with disadvantaged and under-represented communities to build trust and foster inclusion on revitalization projects

There are many ways for you to participate in our mission and we look forward to working with you.  Click Here for ideas on how you can join our network or Contact Us to share your idea for how we can make our cities healthier and more livable.

Vision: Living Cities

The Jardin Portland Foundation believes that a healthy city to live, work, and play in is one where nature’s cycles are present and its public plazas, parks, and greenspaces are designed to enhance vitality in both living systems and culturally diverse communities.

Community Affiliates

Meet Our Board

Ozzie Gonzalez
Ozzie GonzalezCH2M Hill | Board President
Maria Alanis
Maria AlanisPast Board President
Ron White
Ron WhiteProbity Builders & BESThq
Mario Espinosa
Mario EspinosaAnkrom Moisan Architects | Board Vice President
Ted Spear
Ted SpearGreen Building Services | Board Treasurer
Jennie Rodriguez
Jennie RodriguezTwirl Advertising & Design, LLC
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JPF is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
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  • Maria Alanis Ruiz