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In late 2006, the City of Guadalajara awarded the people of Portland (via the Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association – PGSCA) with about one acre of park land in Bosque Colomos, Guadalajara’s largest central-city park to create a “Garden Portland” or “Jardin Portland.” Bosque Colomos is a treasured natural preserve inside a highly-developed metropolitan area, similar to Portland’s Forest Park.

After being gifted the land, the PGSCA and Portland-based Probity Builders began efforts to identify its best use and the means of turning this dream into reality. Numerous brainstorming sessions in Portland and Guadalajara were held to craft the garden’s layout. In Sept. 2007, the master plan was approved by stakeholders including Presidente Municipal de Guadalajara Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah and Portland Mayor Tom Potter.

In February of 2008, the first period of the Jardin’s construction was completed with the unveiling of the “Entry Phase” Rose Garden. This simple entryway features two distinct rose gardens, one to represent each of our two “Rose Cities.” The roses were planted by students from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.

The “Living Phase” of the Jardin began construction in 2009, and includes an amphitheater modeled on Portland’s Pioneer Square, a water-feature replica of Multnomah Falls, and other elements that highlight the Portland region’s most cherished outdoor spaces. The “Learning Phase” will boast the Verde Learning Center (Green Learning Center). One of the world’s most unique, hands-on sustainability learning facilities, the Verde will be open to all of the Bosque’s one million annual visitors. It will include educational exhibits about practices, as well as the

In 2010, the Jardin Portland Foundation was formed to provide long-term project support for the garden and related projects. The project is made possible through the support of both cities’ governments, the Bosque Colomos, Portland State University, the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, the US Consulate Guadalajara and Guadalajara-based designers, architects and engineers, and a large group of caring business sponsors and individual supporters.

Continued support is crucial to the completion of this $1.5 million project, which will bring worldwide visibility for all project partners. Jardin Portland will be a source of pride, fellowship and learning that crosses borders, unites cultures and shares the world’s most advanced approaches toward the preservation of our natural environment.

The Jardin Portland Foundation extends it warmest thanks to the PGSCA for their beginning, to the City of Guadalajara for its generous donation of the land for Jardin Portland, and to all of its current and future project partners. Jardin Portland demonstrates the outstanding dedication of both Guadalajara and Portland to fostering sister city relationships, and will provide

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